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We are pleased to announce the successful transfer of all our Direct Debit collections to Debit Finance Collections Plc (DFC).

We have carefully selected DFC and have worked together with them for over a year to ensure a smooth and secure transfer of your Direct Debit information and collections.

Just a friendly reminder on how this change will affect you

  • You will notice a name change on your bank statement to “Debit Finance Collections”.
  • Should you have more than one pet on the plan, you will also see they now have their own individual Direct Debit collection listed on your bank statement.

You may also receive correspondence from DFC in relation to your monthly Direct Debit collections and these could include SMS, email and letter.

Should you have any enquiries regarding your Direct Debit collections

Please call:

020 8506 5999 and select option 1 to be transferred to a member of the DFC team.

Please Click here to view current DFC terms and conditions in relation to your Direct Debit collections.