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Spot-on worming for cats

Cats need regular worm control because...

  • Worms pose a health risk to pets
  • Worms pose a risk for humans (e.g. toxocariasis)

Worms are parasites that live inside our cats and rely on them for nutrition

They can also infect people as well as pets, which is another reason to keep your cat worm-free! Most worms are found in the intestines and can cause health problems for your cat.

Regular worming helps prevent the spread of worms

It's important to kill worms before they reach maturity and start producing large numbers of eggs.

Are you certain your cat has taken its worming tablet?

Many cat owners are uncertain about their cat's worming. According to a recent survey, 66% of cat owners said they find it difficult to give worming tablets to their cats. The cat may refuse to take the tablet, become aggressive or even run away. The cat may spit the tablet out when its owner isn't looking, or the tablet could even be eaten by another pet!

Get assurance with a spot-on solution

Cat worming using a spot-on is easy because the solution is applied directly onto the cat's skin in a single application. The active ingredients travel to the gut, where intestinal worms are found.

What types of worms do spot-on wormers kill?

It is important to remember that different wormers kill different types of worms. However, spot-on wormers kill every type of intestinal worm commonly found in UK cats, including roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms.

Spot-on wormer is available on prescription. Please contact your local Goddard Veterinary Group surgery for further information, or book an appointment.

Information supplied by Bayer Animal Health, manufacturer of Profender.